Dancing With The Stars winner, All My Children actor and Iraq war hero JR Martinez stars in SAF3 as Alfonso Rivera.

Alfonso is a Los Angeles paramedic firefighter and a member of the U.S. Air Force Pararescue team, with previous assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan. In his early 30’s, Alfonso always has an exuberant grin and an edge of humor in his voice,

He started just out of high school as a lifeguard and moved to firefighting. He always finds the positive in any situation and is soft-spoken, passionate about his work and someone you can always count on. He loves the camaraderie of team – and is dedicated to the fire department and the SAF3 team. It makes him feel like part of a family he never had. He’s the ultimate prankster so being part of a team lends greatly to this.

In the first episode, in a heroic fire rescue, he is burned over a large part of his body. With his medic background, he knows the severity of his condition. When he is told that he will never fight fire again, he finds strength in his life motto; “No one will take away my ability to serve!”